Alain and Amie – Opawa, Christchurch, NZ

Brief: Alain and Amie knew they wanted to completely change the exterior and interior colour scheme for their home, as it was going through EQC earthquake repairs. They wanted a simple and contemporary scheme that reflected them and suited the river outlook of the property.  

Colours! Our biggest issue and sticking point throughout this whole project was colour choice. Working with Anna was a joy. Serious when necessary, but creative and imaginative when the opportunity allowed, Anna mirrored our style and adapted to our moods as the project developed. 
Looking back at what we presented to her and comparing it with the fantastic outcome, I know we did the right thing trusting her in making us a place in which we feel truly at home.
We can’t thank you enough for making something that could have been so daunting and stressful into an adventure we shared. 
Paul Everett